Randy Travis celebrates a major health victory as he recovers from his stroke

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Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

When Randy Travis suffered a massive stroke in 2013, it looked like he might not survive. Now, Randy is making progress every day as he continues intensive physical therapy.

The stroke left Randy unable to speak or walk, but his wife, Mary, tells CNN he’s making giant baby steps every day. They celebrated one big milestone during a recent drive from their home in Texas to Nashville.

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Mary says, “We were coming out of Memphis and overhead was a sign, ‘Nashville’ and he was over in the passenger seat and went, ‘woo hoo’ and he pointed up and he said, ‘Nashville.'”

That may not seem like a big deal, but it’s a huge advancement for Randy.

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Mary adds, “I just sat over there in the driver’s seat and cried, because I knew then that he read that sign, and he recognized the word, and then he said it. That’s a huge thing. Huge for us.”

You’ll recall Randy surprised the world by singing “Amazing Grace” at this Country Music Hall of Fame induction ceremony last year. Mary says that’s truly Randy’s anthem as he continues his recovery.

She says, “Going through this ordeal with his health, stroke and flatlining and making it back, when there was every opportunity in the world for God to take him home … we’ve truly lived the life of amazing grace.”

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