Rory Feek breaks down in tears during first televised performance without Joey

Youtube/CBS This Morning

Rory Feek has stayed strong throughout the most trying of circumstances, putting on a brave face amidst tragedy, as he faces life without his wife Joey. But every once in a while, country music fans notice little moments where his unrelenting strength begins to unravel just a tad.

The most recent little moment occurred during an interview with “CBS This Morning” on May 20. Rory was being interviewed about the recent release of Joey’s solo work, which was originally recorded back in 2005. “It pretty much sat there on a shelf for the last 10-12 years, sitting there waiting for a moment when someone might care,” he said.

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People definitely did care, as the record debuted at No. 6 on the country charts. And it was this music that seemed to inspire Rory a bit to think about the future. “I don’t know yet what’s down the road, but I’m thinking about it,” Rory said. “I’m really thinking about it for the first time and I’m staying pretty open to the possibilities. I haven’t been very open to the possibilities. That’s a change.”

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Another change is Rory being open to singing once again — without Joey. And suddenly, toward the end of the interview, he shared that he has been playing music again. “I got my wife’s guitar down off the wall and pretty soon an hour went by and I had sung about a dozen songs I hadn’t sang in a while and it felt pretty good,” said Rory. “And then I hung it back up.”

And then, he picked it up again to sing “I Like the Sound of That” through tears, and he stopped for a moment as the emotion overtook him.

Rory, our love still surrounds you.

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