Rory Feek is hit by yet another unthinkable tragedy

Mother’s Day will forever be a tough day for Rory Feek and millions of others around the world missing a mother, a wife, a daughter or even a child. And as Rory continues to deal with Joey’s death, he was recently hit with yet another unthinkable tragedy just days before Mother’s Day weekend.

“Life is hard sometimes and why one person is dealt a difficult hand while another gets a royal flush is impossible to understand,” Rory said in a May 11 blog post.

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In that same blog, Rory recently opened up about the death of his cousin’s 8-year-old daughter after a two-year battle with cancer. “Now my pain and my loss is great and my wife’s struggle was something that neither she nor I would’ve ever wanted to have had to go through,” he wrote. “But compared to losing your little one… Joey would have given her life up again without blinking. And I would’ve given mine.”

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He then told the heartbreaking story about how the little girl was scared that she wouldn’t know anyone in heaven, but was gently assured that many were awaiting her arrival. “Awe… you’re gonna know lots of people honey,” Rory’s cousin said. “Joey will be there… and grandpa…”

With the little one’s funeral scheduled for May 12, Rory says the story has changed the way he sees Joey’s death.

“I realized why I write a blog and books, and why maybe I share so much about hope,” he wrote. “Because we need it. We all do. And the emails I get, and comments people write, mean that our story is helping someone. That Joey’s life and death is giving new life to others. That her example of being a light, even when there was darkness all around her, can make a difference to someone else this Mother’s Day and every day.”

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