Rory Feek shares how he solemnly marked the anniversary of Joey’s death


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Videos by Rare

A year has passed since Joey Feek went to live with the angels. But for those she left behind here on earth, it’s been a tough road.

“A year ago today we laid Joey to rest in the grove of trees behind our farmhouse,” Rory Feek wrote in a March 9 blog post. “It was just a few days after she ‘took her last breath on this side of heaven and her first on the other.’  And now, here we are… the ‘dust’ has settled from the pastor’s ‘dust to dust’ message and a deep bed of grass has grown over that mound of freshly broken soil. Indiana and I sat together on that spot as the sun fell from the sky this evening. Indy played with the flowers as I let my mind drift back to her Mama’s memorial service last year. And all that has happened since then.”

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So much has occurred since Joey lost her battle with cancer in March 2016. There have been books, albums and awards, and Indiana has reached countless milestones. But some things have stayed eerily the same.

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“Some things have changed since that day last March, and some haven’t changed at all,” Rory wrote. “There is still only a wooden cross to mark that piece of hallowed ground — nothing permanent — like stone or marble. Maybe it’s waiting for me to join my wife, or maybe it’s just not time yet for those chiseled dates-separated-by-a-dash. Or maybe, a handmade wooden cross wrapped in twine is just more my wife’s style.”

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