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Valentine’s Day is upon us. And while we typically think of cards, roses, champagne and heart-shaped boxes of chocolates as the perfect tools for wooing your beloved, never ever, ever dismiss the magical, mystical powers of a sexy love song.

We’re reaching around Marvin Gaye’s “Let’s Get It On” to find country music’s contribution to romantic and sexy songs. In this special edition of Rare Country’s 5, Erin Holt is counting down our five favorite songs to put you in the mood. We’ll give you some hints, but you’ll have to check out the video to see if your answer is right.

No. 5: Conway Twitty has one of the sexiest voices in country music with his signature growl, swagger and twang. Make no mistake, though, he was a country icon, but when he sang this R&B smash, he totally owned it.

Hint: “Don’t say a word cause I’ve already heard what your body is saying to mine…”

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No. 4: As funny and sometimes goofy as Blake Shelton can be, the man has got some serious pipes and some dreamy eyes, so nailing a “come hither” tune isn’t tough for this tall drink of water. And boy did he nail it with this 2015 chart-topper.

Hint: “We fall against the door, we fall into a wild, warm kiss…”

No. 3: There is simply nothing that Rascal Flatts can’t do — everything from upbeat romps, classic country, pop-infused tempo and even tender love songs. This trio has the talent for anything. They can get you on the dance floor, or in the case of this masterful ballad, they can get you under the sheets.

Hint: “The closer you get, the more my body aches…”

No. 2: There’s no doubt Eric Church can whip a crowd into a frenzy with his outlaw country rockers, but he can also set the mood for a party of two. We may have felt a bit voyeuristic, but it didn’t stop us from listening or trembling to this song.

Hint: “Crash right through the front door, back you up against the wall…”

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No. 1: Honestly, do Faith Hill and Tim McGraw even need to sing to exude sexiness? We think not, but yet they’ve released a handful of songs that remind us of that, along with the fact that they’re married to one another. In this smash, and especially the accompanying video, it’s on full display exactly how much they love and need each other. And as much as we want to be jealous, what we really want is more of this.

Hint: “I wanna wrap the moon around us and lay beside you skin on skin…”

Wow. It may take a minute, and a cold shower, to recover from that list. We hope this helps you set the mood for whatever your Valentine’s Day plans may be. Mostly, we hope that if you are in love, it’s the over-the-moon kind that will last forever. And if you aren’t in love right now, well, you never know who’s around the next corner.

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