The ladies of Little Big Town reminisce over Mother’s Day memories

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For anyone who has lost their mother or grandmother, Mother’s Day can be a sad time. The ladies of Little Big Town — Karen Fairchild and Kimberly Schlapman — are both lucky enough to have their mothers with them, but the holiday is still bittersweet for Kimberly, whose poignant family tradition honors her deceased maternal grandmother.

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Speaking to Rare Country and a handful of other media in Nassau, Bahamas, where they performed a two-night engagement on Carnival cruise ships as part of the line’s CarnivalLIVE concert series, the band members shared some beautiful Mother’s Day memories.

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Kimberly’s parents have green thumbs, so her childhood home was always surrounded by rose bushes. “Every Mother’s Day, before church, my Mama would take my sister and I … out front and clip red roses,” she said. “I guess it’s very Southern, [but] if your mother’s still living you wear a red rose. If your mother has passed away, you wear a white rose. So we would all go out in the front yard and get a little red rosebud. Back when I was a kid, [my parents’] mothers were also living, so everybody in the family had on a little tiny red rose.” But now that one of her grandmothers has passed away, Kimberly says, “My mother now wears a white rose bud, which is very sad but beautiful.”

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Karen’s family had a similar tradition, but her Mother’s Day memories revolve around food more than flowers. While raising her family, Karen said her mother was “just such a force in taking care of all of us, and we were just spoiled rotten. She is an incredible Southern chef like Kimberly is, and so [I remember] the biscuits and gravy and just the overflow of love from her through her cooking and taking care of us. I have a feeling we probably didn’t do her justice on Mother’s Day, but we try to make up for it now for sure.”

Kudos to both of their mothers, who raised some incredibly sweet and talented ladies.

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