The lead singers of a few of your favorite ’90s country bands just teamed up for Trump

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If you saw their names in a program or on a sign, you may have wondered who the heck The Frontmen of Country are. They actually are three of the lead singers of three of the hottest country bands of the ’90s—Restless Heart, Little Texas and Lonestar. They were also part of a great night of entertainment on Jan. 19 at President-elect Donald Trump’s “Make America Great Again” inaugural concert.

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Restless Heart’s Larry Stewart, Little Texas’ Tim Rushlow and Lonestar’s Richie McDonald played a set made up of fan favorites from each of the bands, including “Bluest Eyes in Texas,” “God Bless Texas” and “Walking in Memphis.” Each of the fellas also either played guitar or keyboards, with and the only other musician on the stage with them being a fiddle player, perhaps to drive home the point that they were a country band from Nashville, Tennessee.

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This isn’t the first performance for The Frontmen of Country. Apparently, the trio started quietly playing one-off shows together several years ago. In fact, they have more shows coming up in February.

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The Frontmen of Country. Huh. I guess that’s better than a mash-up of the band’s names. Restless Little Star…Lone Texas Heart…

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