The “Property Brothers” have a gut feeling about Trace Adkins’ house

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Every time country stars open up their homes to the press, we can’t click on the photos fast enough. We know you’re the same way, so why don’t celebrities open up their homes all the time?

According to HGTV stars Drew and Jonathan Scott, a.k.a. the “Property Brothers,” it’s not always easy for a star to let the cameras inside their private spaces.

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

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During a press conference at the CMA Music Festival in Nashville, Drew said, “A lot of people, whether they’re celebrities on the acting side or music or sports, they feel it’s an invasion of their privacy. But a lot of times, it’s what the fans really want. It’s the same with our place. That’s why we’re shooting a show right now letting people into our home.”

When it comes to country stars’ homes they’d like to see, Drew says he’s most curious about Trace Adkins’ place.

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“I bet you that Trace Adkins doesn’t have some rugged home that you would feel from some old rugged cowboy,” Drew said. “I think he has a home that’s super-modern and chic. I bet you that he walks around, he’s cleaning every two seconds.”

Jonathan chimed in, “Most people don’t know this. Trace is big on feng shui.”

Drew went on to call that “honky-tonk feng shui.”

So, are they right about Trace’s place? The country star walked in for a press conference at the CMA Music Festival right after the “Property Brothers.” When asked about the brothers’ theory that Trace has a super-modern home, he said, “I do not. I have a log cabin.”

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