“The Voice” singer who brought Kelly Clarkson to tears is sharing her emotional story

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Less than two weeks ago, “The Voice” contestant Stephanie Rice moved the world to tears with her stirring rendition of Kelly Clarkson’s “Piece By Piece.”

Following her performance, she told the heartbreaking story of how her parents disowned her for coming out at the age of 18.


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Now, Stephanie is speaking out about her estranged family situation saying that her attempts to reach out to her mom and dad have been ignored.

“I have yet to establish a relationship with my parents. It’s been nine years.” Stephanie, 27, told “Access Hollywood’s” Natalie Morales. “Despite efforts that have been made, what it boils down to at the end of the day is that I’m still gay. That’s not going to change. They still have their beliefs, and those beliefs prevent them from being involved in or supportive of my life.”

Although Stephanie chose to come out, she wants to make it clear to her parents that she never intended to cause them any harm.

“I never meant to hurt anyone and there’s only one reason why I’m telling my story publicly,” she said. “There was a moment in time where I thought I might not make it. I thought I was completely alone.”

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“What happens that is often swept under the rug is, when people come out, they’re met with extremely harsh reactions,” she continued, “Those reactions leave scars. My hope in sharing my story is that we get to realize that our scars are shared, and we can hopefully begin this healing process together.”

So far, Stephanie’s story to embrace her true self has only been met with support by fans, and also from Kelly Clarkson, who tweeted out “Cant. Stop. Crying.” following Stephanie’s blind audition on “The Voice.”

Stephanie now finds herself vying to keep her place on Team Gwen. Fans can keep up with Stephanie’s journey on “The Voice” Monday and Tuesday nights on NBC.

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