The whole world is about to fall in love with Josh Turner’s wife’s 98-year-old grandmother

It took 98 years for the biggest three minutes of her life, but when she finally got those three minutes, she slayed them.

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In February 2016, Josh Turner’s wife’s grandmother, Lois Cunningham, finally saw her dream come true. She got to play the Grand Ole Opry.

Decked out in her favorite pink bedazzled sweater, black pants and silver shoes, Ms. Cunningham took her place on the Opry stage and made her dream come true. As she settled in behind that magical black Yamaha and began to play “How Great Thou Art,” it was as if the years seemed to just melt away as her hands and fingers floated along the keys like she was 20 years old once again.

As the last note rung out, everyone from the fans in the stands to the Grand Ole Opry band erupted in applause and gave the Grand Ole Opry’s newest (and yet probably oldest) performer a standing ovation.

Lois loved the crowd as much as they loved her, smiling from ear to ear as she walked offstage, stopping only for a hug from Josh and to blow kisses to the crowd.

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