The youngest “The Voice” winner ever proves she’s an old pro at songwriting

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As any past boyfriend of Taylor Swift can attest, if you date a songwriter you just may find your personal life becomes the subject of a song.

Danielle Bradbery is new to songwriting, but she’s not holding back. While fun new single “Sway” has a happier theme, the former “The Voice” contestant, who became the show’s youngest winner in its history back in 2013, hints that there are heavier songs to come on her upcoming album project. In a recent social media post, she referenced “a particular life experience” that found its way into her songwriting.

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In an interview with Rare Country backstage at Nashville’s Ascend Amphitheater June 9, she explained.

“It wasn’t too, too bad, but relationships can be a big roller coaster,” she said. “So I kind of weave that in and out of my songs. With my boyfriend, to be honest, we have had a lot of ups and downs, and I just wrote about it. It’s like a therapy. I just went in the writing session, we might have had a fight that day. I wrote about it. And it just became good songs,” she added with a laugh.

Danielle was performing at Ascend as part of the “Ladies of Country” show on the Cracker Barrel Country Roads Stage, one of the most popular stages at this year’s CMA Music Festival.

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She tells Rare Country her goal for her upcoming album is to be “very honest and just real.”

She says, “Cause I know personally when I hear a song that’s real and that I can relate to, I feel it automatically, and it’s a great song. So I just kind of wanted to give that back to fans and connect in that way. There’s real things with relationships, and just life, so I’m really excited for everybody to hear it.”

We’re excited, too!

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