There’s a new addition coming to this country band!


It seems that congratulations are in order for the Josh Abbott Band’s frontman, Josh Abbott. The talented and handsome country star is adding to his family!

Honestly, though, we aren’t quite sure exactly what he’s adding.

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On Easter Sunday in a sweet photo on his Instagram page, Josh’s pup, Trigger, is featured in the foreground with a sign around his neck that says “I’m going to be a big brother.” The thought bubble over Trigger’s head says, “Is it a boy or a girl?” The photo also says Baby Abbott coming soon and there is an unidentifiable young couple in the background. And in the caption, Josh writes, “Blessed and excited to announce this new chapter in my life!”

Gauging from the comments from fans and friends, Josh and his lady, Taylor, are expecting a baby and will soon be announcing the gender. Great news, for sure. However, this is a part of us that knows Josh has a killer sense of humor and could actually be adopting another puppy.

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Either way, color us excited! It’s been a difficult few months for the Texas-based country star who lost his father, David, after he suffered a massive stroke earlier this year, eventually passing away with his family by his side. Josh took a couple of weeks off to be with his beautiful mother, whom he escorted to this year’s ACM Awards, and now he’s busy back on the road.

And it seems like things are only about to get busier! Congratulations!

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