These new pics prove Thomas Rhett and Lauren’s little girl has transitioned beautifully


Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

If there was any fear of culture shock after moving from Uganda to the United States, Thomas Rhett and Lauren’s little girl Willa has put them at ease. The precious little nugget has acclimated to live in the states like a breeze. And over the Memorial Day weekend, while daddy was on the road, little Willa learned about “Girls’ Weekend.”

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Lauren’s stories on Instagram revealed that Willa got plenty of girl time while mommy had her hair done at The Dry House, the salon co-owned by Dierks Bentley’s wife, Cassidy. Even Willa got a new pair of piggy tails. She also had a good lesson in the yummy kid-friendly foods of America, like Uncrustables, which Lauren points out are also Thomas Rhett’s favorite snack.

Back at home, the girls were just casually hanging out when Lauren captured how quickly her daughter is adapting to her new life for an Instagram video. As Willa tried on a pair of adult-sized sunglasses, then looked up at her mommy, smiling proudly, Lauren loudly exclaimed, “Ooooooh girl!” Without missing a beat, Willa repeated pretty clearly, “Ooooooh girl!”

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While Lauren does laugh, there’s also a quick gasp of surprise. Time to start watching what you say around the baby!

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