Things got uncomfortable when Dale Earnhardt Jr. was asked the most morbid question

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You never quite know what you are in for when you sit down for an interview. You never know what the questions will be, how you will answer them or why some of them even come out of the interviewer’s mouth. But, you try your best to answer them the best way you know how.

Yet, things can get uncomfortable when an interviewer says something like, “Can I ask you a morbid question?”

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And that’s exactly the predicament NASCAR superstar Dale Earnhardt Jr. found himself in during a recent interview on Bravo’s “Watch What Happens Live.” While the show had been light and fun, Dale seemed a tad taken aback when host Andy Cohen asked if he thinks about the danger and the possibility of death every time he steps into his race car.

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“I don’t think about death… my dad was killed driving a race car and everybody knows that,” Dale Jr. replied. “So I’ve been as close to it happening to me as anyone can be. The danger is a lure. The danger and the excitement and the fact that you get a chance to go in that kind of environment is the lure I guess in a way. That excitement… you can’t… the adrenaline you get from it is going to be hard to replace when I am done driving. It’s a good trade-off.”

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