This could be the grossest story Larry the Cable Guy has ever told

Youtube/Funny Rednecks

As Larry the Cable Guy was making the rounds in June touting the new “Cars 3” movie, where he once again reprises his role as Mater, the comedian had plenty of time to ponder and discuss some of life’s most important topics such as the movie industry, and politics and … umm … poop.

Yep, we said it.

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In a June 16 interview with SiriusXM, it started out innocently enough, as Larry the Cable Guy was reminded of a recent story about his wife. “Can I just say this?” he began. “My wife’s hilarious. She says to me the other day — this is so ridiculous — she goes, ‘You know when we were first married you would leave a little stain in your underwear and you would throw them in the trash because you were so embarrassed?’”

Warning — this is when it gets gross.

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“She goes on and says, ‘Now, you basically take a huge crap in them and put them in the hamper,’” he adds, laughing so hard his legs go up in the air. “That’s hilarious.”

And then he got all serious.

“That’s not true, by the way,” he tells the audience, pointing his finger directly at them.

Sure, we believe ya.

What do you think?

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