This country couple is jumping with joy in this precious gender reveal


Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

We can’t help but admire all the creative ways country music couples are revealing the gender of their babies-to-be. But, what’s even more fun is watching their reactions when they find out the big news. And when Greg Bates and Shelley Skidmore revealed the sex of their first baby, they didn’t disappoint one bit.

The sweet couple, who married May 2, 2015, celebrated their second anniversary by announcing they would welcome their first baby in October. Now, just over a month later, we’re learning that they are expecting a boy!

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A fun video Greg shared on his Instagram page recaps the day’s festivities, which included a yummy candy bar filled with pink and blue sweets. The couple chose to make the reveal with a very large black, helium balloon filled with confetti. Although Shelley looks a little apprehensive about the popping part, she literally jumps with joy when blue confetti showers over her and her handsome husband.

On her Instagram page, Shelley shared an album of photos showing all of the thoughtful details and her excitement was palpable. “OH BOY,” she wrote. “Greg and I are blessed with the most amazing family and friends and we are so excited to have a baby BOY!”

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We can’t help but notice a sticker on Greg’s shirt that bears a pink bow, which makes us wonder if he was expecting pink paper to fall from the balloon, but we feel certain it didn’t matter to the country couple. It will be one well-loved little tot!

So, the country music baby boom continues. It currently looks like we have as many boys as girls who will debut this year, but we’re still waiting for some gender reveals or, in the case of Justin Moore and wife Kate, we have to wait for the baby’s actual arrival before we know for sure. But, with three daughters already, we can’t help but think Justin is hoping for his own blue confetti later this year.

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