This intimate, stripped-down performance from Keith Urban leaves us craving more


Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Can you imagine dating or being married to an artist and having them serenade you while you make dinner or put the kids to bed? Sounds dreamy, right?

For the most part, that doesn’t happen. If you polled the spouses, partners and significant others with country artists you’d find that they don’t often spontaneously burst into song at home. They may pick up the guitar or sit down behind the piano when they get an idea for a song, but nightly home concerts don’t happen all too often.

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Things might be a little different in Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman’s home, though. And if it isn’t, then we thank Nicole or whomever captured this great Instagram video of Keith casually sitting at a piano performing a mashup of two of his fan’s favorite tracks — his current hit single, “The Fighter,” and his most recent smash, “Blue Ain’t Your Color.”

Now, to be honest, we aren’t sure that this is Keith and Nicole’s home, but who cares? A warm incandescent light casts a soft glow over the hit singer-songwriter’s shoulder and his tender tenor rings clear over the mellow piano.

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The video also serves as a great reminder of what a solid musician and incredible entertainer Keith is. To be able to be that compelling with just your voice and a piano is pretty remarkable by anyone’s measure.

It also has us ready for new Keith music. Sadly, that likely won’t be for a while since “Ripcord,” which has already produced five hit singles, including the two included in this medley from Keith, just came out last May.

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