This sweet moment between a music legend and his childhood nanny takes our breath away

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It was the kind of simple moment that makes life beautiful.

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On July 5, music legend Kris Kristofferson traveled to Brownsville, Texas to not only check out Willie Nelson’s annual Fourth of July picnic, but more importantly, to also visit his childhood nanny, Juanita Cantu. Juanita is 93 years old and calls 80-year-old Kris her “mijo,” which means ‘my son.’ She was the woman responsible for raising Kris and his siblings as a child and is a woman that remains a driving force in the songwriter’s life.

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During this particular visit, Kris picked up his trusty guitar and began to sing the sweet verses of his classic “Why Me” that sounded more like a hypnotic lullaby. And as the song was sung, the emotion between these two took over. Because while the years have worn their faces, it has not touched their hearts, as Juanita softly brushed the hair out of the famous singer/songwriter’s face.

And for a moment, time stood still.

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“She went to work for our family when she was about 13,” Kris said of Juanita in a 2012 interview with “Texas Highways.” “She basically raised me and my brother and sister, because my folks were away a lot. She had a good heart.”

And so do you, Kris.

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