This young country star revealed some big news about George Strait’s future


George Strait is a man of few words, so when he does speak, people listen. And several were listening, including Rare Country, when he announced he would hold a Facebook Live Q&A, with a surprise interviewer, on Feb. 18.

While it made so much sense, it still came as a surprise when the cutie in the interviewer’s chair turned out to be fellow Texan and this weekend’s opening act for George’s Vegas shows, Kacey Musgraves.

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It may have been a quick interview, but it was super informative, especially when several fans submitted questions about George’s retirement and the possibility of him returning to the road. George revealed that no plans have been made for shows after his 2017 run in Vegas, but he also didn’t rule out the possibility of returning in 2018. He didn’t dismiss suggestions that he might host concerts elsewhere in the United Stat though.

When one clever fan asked if the cowboy had ridden away from everywhere, but Vegas, George replied, “Never say never. We’ll see how it goes this year and see what we feel like doing after this year is over. I’m not going to tour anymore, but I might work some other places.”

Hallelujah and amen!

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In response to another question, George explained more of why he put an end to the massive tour packages that once put him at the top of country fans’ concert bucket lists. “I don’t really miss touring. The schedule… I just don’t miss knowing that I’m going to do this for four or five months… I just don’t miss that. This has been something that has just kind of happened and it was a perfect situation for me. So we come out and do a couple of shows, then we go back home for a month or two and then come back and do another couple of shows.”

As a touring artist herself, Kacey helped George elaborate on the challenges of touring life and said, “I think sometimes people don’t really know how taxing it can be for someone, like your sleep schedule and you’ve got a family. It’s kinda hard.”

“It’s true,” George agreed. “I toured for 30 years, since ’81. We quit touring three or four years ago, so I had a pretty good stretch.”

But in response to another tour-related question, George said the words that every fan was waiting to hear: “I’m going to keep performing as long as people come out to see me. I’ll keep going as long as I can.”

Does anyone else hear angels singing?

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