Tim McGraw reveals the one big dream he’s yet to realize

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Tim McGraw has appeared in films with several Oscar winners over the years, including Octavia Spencer in the brand-new film “The Shack.” He also co-starred with Sandra Bullock in the film that won her an Oscar, “The Blind Side.” So, is Tim harboring dreams of one day taking home that trophy for himself?

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Of course, he is!

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Tim tells CMT’s Cody Alan, “Who wouldn’t love to have an Oscar one of these days? Maybe? Maybe? Who knows.”

A lot of the politics and other variables that put you on the path to Oscar gold are out of Tim’s hands. He is keeping an eye on the things he can control, which is the┬ámaterial he chooses to tackle on the big screen.

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She adds, “It’s all about the role that you have. You’re only as good — the work that you do is directly proportionate to the quality of people you have around you and the quality of material that you have.”


Tim has come close to Oscar glory. He performed “I’m Not Gonna Miss You,” the nominated song from the Glen Campbell documentary, “I’ll Be Me,” at the 2015 Oscars ceremony.

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