Watch as Kelly Clarkson’s adorable daughter shows off her sweet and sassy sides

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The video first looked like your normal promo reel for Kelly Clarkson’s new book “River Rose and the Magical Lullaby.“

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And then around the 1:35 mark, the video evolved to show a side of Kelly and her daughter that we all love.

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“OK y’all – she is out of hand,” Kelly explains to the audience as videos of River throughout the day are shown. “I can’t even get her to work. I am pulling this train all myself. She’s like sleeping on the job and she’s eating all the time. I mean, when you try to talk to her, she just slams the door in your face. She’s such a micromanager… and the attitude!”

All in all, the video was the perfect representation of little River Rose, who served as the inspiration for Kelly’s new book.

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“She’s still a little young to really know that it’s about her,” Kelly said in a recent interview with “Publisher’s Weekly Magazine.” “But, we read it together and she likes to look at the carousel. She loves carousels, and animals – more than people; she is definitely her mother’s daughter. She always stops at the page with the whole zoo party. Laura Hughes did such an amazing job with the illustrations. I think a lot of little kids are like River, too. I ask her ‘Where’s the monkey?’ and we look for all kinds of things on the pages when we read it. But her favorite thing is the giant picture of my face on the back of the book. I didn’t know it was going to be that big – it’s big!”

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