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When it comes to weddings, the big day is arguably all about the bride, and most grooms would happily concede to the spotlight shining on their new Mrs.

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One version of the “Wedding March,” the processional song traditionally played as the bride walks down the aisle, even lyrically boasts the words, “Here comes the bride dressed all in light, radiant and lovely she shines in his sight.”

We said most grooms would happily concede, but not all grooms — especially not this one, who made his own grand entrance with his best man in a monster truck.

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But wait, the pair didn’t just roll onto the lawn in the pimped out rig. They came soaring in over a hedgerow that appears to be 10 to 15 feet tall, crashing to the ground, sending one tire flying off the axel before coming to a grinding halt to the cheers of an appreciative, awaiting group of wedding guests. And we halfway expect to see Blake Shelton on that guest list.

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Fortunately, no one was hurt by either the airborne tank or the rogue tire, but the jury is still out on the bride’s reaction to this antic. In our minds, though, we’re hearing a whooping “WOO-HOO” and seeing a little “shakin’ that sugar sweet as Dixie Crystal.” Perhaps there’s even a party of camo-attired bridesmaids?


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