Watch this country star witness what happens when you poke a pregnant belly


Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

We are officially on baby watch as a handful of country stars are eagerly expecting the arrival of new additions to their families. Apparently, one baby girl is as anxious to meet her family as her family is to meet her.

Lee Brice and wife Sara will be welcoming their first baby girl soon. While the little pink bundle isn’t actually due for a couple more weeks, she’s making her presence known now, and we can’t help but think she might make her debut a little early.

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In a new video on his Instagram page, Lee plays a little game of “FlutterBelly” with Sara, gently drumming his fingers on her pregnant tummy. After just a few seconds, the infant kicks back and Daddy is skeptical.

“You didn’t see that,” Sara asks. Lee replies in disbelief, “That wasn’t her.”

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Oh, yes, Lee Brice. That is your baby girl who looks like she’ll be able to hold her own just fine with big brothers Takoda and Ryker. Even with her obvious ability to push back, though, we expect that Daddy will still be wrapped around her little finger.

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