What this courageous cowboy does with a raging bull is crazy


Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

We’ve all seen pictures of bullfighting in Spain where the fancy man in the fancy pants, the matador, twirls a brightly colored cape. It’s a bloody sport, not for the faint of heart and quite different from American bullfighting.

In the United States, the goal isn’t to harm the animal at all. The bullfighter actually has 70 seconds to avoid being touched the bull. He or she twists, turns, spins, dives and dodges, much like a rodeo clown, to avoid the animal’s substantial horns and possible injury. And it’s turned into quite a sporting event that includes the National Bullfighting Championship and the World Bullfighting Championship.

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Some of the bullfighters almost perform a choreographed dance. However, one bullfighter just raised the bar to what we can only imagine is an unreachable level.

During the Santa Maria Elks Rodeo in California, a bullfighter and a rodeo clown take to the dirt in this massive arena. The clown does his job, luring the animal over to the fighter, and the bull does his job, too, charging full speed ahead. But instead of spinning out of the way to dodge the bull, the bullfighter takes a flying leap into the air, essentially soaring over the bull Superman style!

And it is everything!

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With rodeo season in full swing, competitions and demonstrations like this, mutton-busting, chuckwagon racing and cowboy poker are all part of the action. And most of them have a charitable arm that benefits the local community. So, go on out and support your local cowboys and cowgirls, y’all!

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