What this hot country couple does in bed has us laughing uncontrollably


Part of the reason that country fans are so loyal to their favorite country stars isn’t about the music, but about the accessibility that most of the entertainers offer to their fan-mily. They meet with fans before shows, after shows and during CMA Music Fest. They open up their lives, vacations, spouses, children and even their homes on social media. Artists like Jake Owen have even taken fans boating, on trips and to the movies.

But the bedroom has always been a little more taboo. As Charlie Rich sang, “no one knows what goes on behind closed doors.” Thomas Rhett and wife Lauren have given us a little glimpse of their bedroom before, and now Kacey Musgraves and fiancé Ruston Kelly are giving us a peek into the antics that take place on top of their mattress.

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

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For anyone who has experienced an awful hangover, then you can relate to Kacey and Ruston’s struggle.

On Jan. 14, a little bit later than first thing in the morning, Kacey shared a photo on Instagram, which her fella took. The country beauty is laying in bed, sans makeup, but it isn’t a provocative pose. Instead, she has a partially eaten pizza laying on her belly and a half-eaten piece in her hand. She writes, simply, “bride 2 be.”


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Kacey, who obviously doesn’t have a vain bone in her body, then shared an Instagram story that explained the situation. Apparently, she and her handsome man had been over-served the night before.


And because she didn’t have two cares to give, she took another big bite of pizza.


Are we judging Kacey? Heck no! We love her spirited “don’t give a damn” attitude, and we love her choice in food after a night of too much.

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