Wynonna and Ashley Judd head to Twitter to let out their true feelings about each other

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It’s no secret that Wynonna and her mother Naomi Judd and sister Ashley Judd have had their differences. They’ve all laid out their family relationship dynamics in multiple books, movies and social media posts over the years.

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Wynonna spoke about a few of those differences with her sister on Twitter after Ashley’s impassioned speech at the Women’s March on Saturday, January 21.

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Following her sister Ashley Judd’s speech, Wynonna began to feel some blowback on Twitter from people who didn’t agree with her sister’s point of view. Wy avoided taking a side in the political matter, but made it clear she would be talking with her sister about the situation privately.

No matter how she may feel about her sister’s politics, Wynonna made it clear she is standing by Ashley no matter what.

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She posted a photo of the two of them as young girls. The caption reads, “I love my sister, I am for my sister & I will always be there for my sister. The media can kiss my sass.”

Ashley retweeted that photo and said, “If you wanna know something about from where my determined voice comes from, all you have to do is look up – look up to my Big Sister.”

As for the media reports surrounding Wynonna and Ashley in the last few days, Wy is only making a simple statement of her love for her sister. She isn’t happy with the reports she’s seen taking her statements out of context.

Wynonna adds, “They will ‘Make up’ something about my post & the next thing I may read is that I support A. & what she did in D.C. Do you get my point?”

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