You won’t believe what Luke Bryan confesses to in a game of never have I ever screenshot

We’ve got some VERY revealing tidbits to share with you about Luke Bryan.

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The superstar recently played a game of “Never Have I Ever” at with pal Cole Swindell during a break on the Crash My Playa concert event in Mexico. One of the questions was “Never have I ever lost my shorts in the ocean.” While Luke didn’t admit to going skinny-dipping in the ocean, he did admit to losing his shorts on another occasion.

“I was in Louisiana one time on a church trip,” he explains. “We were inner tubing, and I had a pair of jams on, the original. Yeah, they got shucked off.”

Before you go looking for video evidence of Luke’s aquatic wardrobe malfunction on YouTube, we’d like to remind you that Luke’s mishap took place long before we all had iPhones with cameras in our pockets. Yes, it is a real shame.

If you do get the chance to go swimming with Luke one day, we’re warning you he’s not shy about relieving himself in the water.

“I’ve peed in the pool,” Luke confessed in the video. “I pee in my hot tub. That’s what chlorine’s for.”

Rest assured, Luke will be keeping things clean on his Kill the Lights Tour with Little Big Town and Dustin Lynch. Luke and LBT’s Karen Fairchild will be delivering their hit duet, “Home Alone Tonight,” at every show.

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