16-year-old worked his butt off, proves what hard work can achieve

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Video of two Louisiana brothers learning of their college acceptance has gone viral. When the boys each learn of their acceptance, their classmates and friends erupt in excitement.

 16-year-old Ayrton Little learned he is heading to Harvard just three days after his brother Alexander got word of his acceptance to Stanford. Both teens attend TM Landry College Prep in Opelousas, Louisiana.
Students surrounding Aytron when he learned of his acceptance to the Ivy League school started chanting “three-peat” in recognition of a student being accepted to an Ivy League school for the past three years.
Ayrton Little
Alexander sent the video to Love What Matters. The brothers wanted to share the joy and excitement with other people. He wrote:
“My younger brother just got into Harvard at 16 years-old! He plans to major in Applied Math and Computer Science. My brother and I go to school in the middle of little, old Breaux Bridge, Louisiana at TM Landry College Prep. We live about 30 minutes away; and more often than not, we end up clocking in at 7 a.m. and clocking out at 7 p.m. Our desire is to do great things, but to also push each other to the point we have now reached. I’ve also been working hard in school all my life, just so I’d be able to make sure I could take care of my mother… I just got accepted to Stanford! My intended major is Physics, with a minor in Computer Science.”
The reactions in the video for both brothers is goosebump-inducing. Their fellow students were beyond thrilled to see the brothers’ hard work paying off. Watch the video below and prepare to smile!
Ayrton later said, “I’m happy I got into Harvard but I’m even happier because I’ve made my mother incredibly proud.” He plans on majoring in computer science and wants to work on Wall Street. Things will quickly change for their mother as her sons head to colleges on both coasts. This is one proud mama!
Aryton Alexander Little

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