36 People Injured After ‘Severe Turbulence’ on Hawaiian Airlines Flight

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

It was a scary day for passengers on board a Hawaiian Airlines flight after 36 of them were injured, including 11 seriously, when the flight encountered severe turbulence. According to authorities, they were able to see the plane when it landed shortly before 11 a.m. at Samuel Kaye Inouye International Airport located in Honolulu. The passengers were treated for their injuries, which included a 14-month-old baby. A total of 20 people were then transported to nearby medical facilities.

Through a statement, the airline revealed that the incident occurred 30 minutes before landing. “Hawaiian Airlines is continuing to support the 17 passengers and three crew members who sustained injuries today after Flight 35 from Phoenix to Honolulu encountered severe turbulence.”

The Airbus A330 was carrying a total of 278 passengers, 8 flight attendants, and two pilots. They were at an altitude of around 36,000 ft when it hit a pocket of unstable air which sent several objects and unbuckled passengers airborne.

“Injuries occur because the aircraft goes down and if you don’t have your seat belt on, you stay where you are,” Jon Snook, Hawaiian Airlines Chief Operating Officer stated. He also went on to confirm that three flight attendants were among those who were taken to the hospital. Several emergency responders told local news, KHON 2, the injuries included bruising, one serious head injury, lacerations, and loss of consciousness. The airline is conducting a thorough investigation of the aircraft before it will return to service.

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