3 Texas Cities Are Looking for Threesomes During Pandemic

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Videos by Rare

I’m just going to outright say it, no beating around the bush, but COVID-19 seems to be repressing a specific type of tension. With social distancing, it’s become difficult to meet new people or go out and see old friends. The pandemic has halted all sorts of dating and hookup routines. Or has it?

Dating apps, interestingly enough, have seen an increase in activity for all kinds of reasons. I know I personally hit some of them simply out of boredom. I mean, when you’re stuck in the house for almost months straight, why not talk to random people online?

But that’s the thing with social distancing. I haven’t actually met anyone in person yet that I’ve talked to on these “online dating” apps. But contrary to that concept, apparently, it hasn’t necessarily stopped thousands of swingers across the United States from doing their “thang.” 3Fun, the leading threesome dating app, reported the top 10 cities with the highest rate of active swingers, meaning the number of people who have been using the 3Fun app since the pandemic mandated everyone quarantine back in March.

So what are the stats? Out of a total of 721,927 active swingers, here are the top 10 U.S. cities who have been getting down on the town:

  1. New York City: 22,874
  2. Los Angeles: 12,228
  3. Houston: 9,068
  4. Chicago: 7,347
  5. Las Vegas: 5,744
  6. San Antonio: 5,375
  7. Philadelphia: 4,894
  8. Phoenix: 4,606
  9. Dallas: 4,509
  10. San Diego: 4,251

3Fun also explained that “the number of messages sent between these users had increased stably in April, May, and June.” To put this in perspective, the more people have been typing away on their phones in this app, the more the amount of active users is in a city.

Jennifer White, the spokesperson for 3Fun, explained, “Social distancing makes offline meetings tough because all the bars, hotels and restaurants are closed. That means most open-minded people are trying to meet new friends online during the pandemic. Once the pandemic is over, they will finally meet offline for the first time and live out their fantasies together.”

Honestly Jennifer, I think these people are probably already meeting up, but shame on me for assuming, right? Also, shoutout to all my people from Texas. I see you guys with three big Texas cities up on that list.

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