4 Movies You Didn’t Know Pamela Anderson Was In

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Pamela Anderson became one of the world’s hottest sex symbols thanks to Playboy back in 1990. After appearing on the February 1990 Playboy cover as Playmate of the Month, she made the oh-so-typical (but desirable to many!) transition to Baywatch. Between her sex appeal and high-profile seductive relationships and marriages to people like Tommy Lee Jones and Kid Rock, there’s always another story or photo out there ready to be tabloid fodder.

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But we’re willing to bet that all the gossip has distracted you from keeping tabs on just how much work she’s done. Yes, the curvy blonde bombshell and devout animal activist has been in a ton of movies over the years. From cult to horror to children’s, her 35-year-long career has covered quite a few genres. Whether she’s a lead or making a cameo (she got to cameo status at a fairly young age), Here are four movies you didn’t know Pamela Anderson was in.

She Was a Serial Killer Suspect in Snapdragon

Back in Pamela Anderson’s early acting career, before she’d made it onto Baywatch, she was picking up tons of roles on TV and lesser-known movies. In Snapdragon, she plays a femme fatale antagonist, a suspected serial killer with amnesia who seduces men before slicing their throats.

The low-budget mystery thriller came out in 1993 and barely has any reviews on Rotten Tomatoes. Directed by Worth Keeter, its synopsis reads: “A police psychologist becomes obsessed with an amnesiac suspected of being a female serial killer who leaves a blood-painted snapdragon as her calling card.” After two men are killed by a prostitute, a police psychologist meets Felicity (Anderson), an amnesia patient who has nightmares about killing men. But he doesn’t put two and two together until things get a little steamy.

Pamela Anderson Played Herself in Scooby-Doo

Pamela Anderson was in the first live-action Scooby-Doo movie, released in 2002. She plays herself, uncredited, although she has a speaking role. In the film, she calls Mystery Inc. for help in the first scene when the Wow-O Toy Factory is haunted by the Luna Ghost. It’s implied that she owns the factory (thanks to references in later media) and she also has a doll made after her.

Later, Anderson drives the Mystery Machine through the factory doors when the gang catches Luna Ghost. She’s followed by reporters and police as well as hordes of children who want autographs. Anderson steps out of the van, wearing bootcut jeans and a see-through white tank top, leading the group to Fred (Freddie Prinze Jr) and then turns to the news cameras to shamelessly promote her factory.

When Pamela Anderson Was in Superhero Movie

From the makers of Naked Gun and Scary Movie came Superhero Movie. Released in 2008, the comedy superhero film follows Rick Riker after he’s bit by a radioactive dragonfly and obtains superpowers. There is a slew of heroes like Stretchy Boy and Girl, The Human Torch, and Leg-Shaving Wolverine. Pamela Anderson plays Invisible Girl and eventually attacks Mrs. Xavier. Although she unfortunately revealed later that Harvey Weinstein “bullied” her into partaking in Superhero Movie, she also said that she chose to do it because Leslie Nielsen was, too. And as a side note, Miles Fisher also makes an appearance as Tom Cruise.

Pam Played an Out-of-Control Stripper Groupie in Jackhammer

Mike Hanus’ 2013 Jackhammer is a hilarious story about a blacklisted actor, Julius Warner (Guy Christie). Everything in his life seems to go wrong. He catches his girlfriend in bed with another guy and can’t find a job. He eventually turns to his older brother, a male stripper named Jackhammer. Things get weird pretty fast as Julius gets involved with the Russian mob. Then his exes come back to haunt him. It’s kind of like a cross between Nacho Libre and Borat. Pamela Anderson plays an obsessed groupie. She told ET Canada that she was especially excited to partake in the film project because it was shot in Victoria, Canada, where she’s from.

You can watch Jackhammer for free with a Vudu account.

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