Military Dad Surprises 5-Year-Old Son, And His Reaction Is Everything

Soldier videos, they melt our hearts and make us believe in love again. It’s one of those things that we never get tired of watching because the surprise homecomings just fill our hearts with joy and our eyes with tears. Especially if these surprises are coordinated well and planned with almost military-like precision, like this one. After a seven-month deployment in the Middle East, Airman Cameron Yancey decided to surprise his son. This by showing up unannounced at their doorstep.

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In the videoyou see Yancey walking up to his door and knocking, crouching down so he is at eye-level with his son. One can hear the door unlocking, followed by five-year-old Cade opening the door to see who’s on the other side. Cade is then shocked and takes a step back to process, stunned to see his father. The toddler yells for his mom to tell her his dad is back and leaps onto his father’s outstretched arms. The little boy latches on tight to his father as he repeats he missed him, crying his tiny little heart out. Let me tell you, his pleading voice is enough to bring everyone in the room to tears.

Welcome Home, Dad!

The video was posted to his Facebook page on July 27th, 2018. It shows the cherished moment, and has been shared more than 166,00 times with more than 12 million views!  Anfra Boyd, Cameron’s mother commented on the video, saying it showed “how powerful and purposeful father are in their children’s lives”.

While the footage is only 30 seconds long, the message is quite powerful. The look of joy on the father’s face as he is trying to maintain his composure gives me all the chills!

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