73-Year-Old Grandfather Fights off Robber to Save Woman from Being Carjacked at Gunpoint

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

A Houston grandfather of 11 had seen enough and decided to try to do something about it.

Simon Mancilla Sr., 73, actually stepped in to help a young woman who was being robbed, coming to blows with the robber, as detailed by KHOU-TV.

Mancilla was in his car when he noticed the woman being choked by the alleged suspect outside a check-cashing business. When approaching her car, the woman was approached by an armed suspect. He then demanded the keys to the 2011 GMC Sierra.

That’s when Mancilla got involved.

“I open my window, ‘Hey man … don’t make a problem,’” Mancilla told KHOU.

After that, some mayhem — and violence — ensued, as Mancilla attempted to pull the suspect from the vehicle. He got pistol-whipped and was left needing stitches in the process. Meanwhile, the suspect sped away.

Grandfather Fights off Robber

“The complainant stated that she was approached by an unknown male, who pointed a gun at her and demanded the keys to her truck,” reads the Houston Police Department Facebook page. “The suspect grabbed the complainant’s keys and then got into the truck. As this was happening, a male witnessed the incident and ran to the complainant’s aid. The witness attempted to pull the suspect out of the truck and was hit in the head by the suspect’s gun. The suspect then sped out of the parking lot.”

The suspect is a white male who was wearing khaki pants and a blue shirt at the time of the incident, police said.

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