A 12-year-old went to an urgent care and a flu test came back negative — the next day, he lost his life Twitter/@ABCWorldNews

A 12-year-old boy from Michigan who vomited during dinner one night, went to an urgent care facility the next night and had a flu test come back negative tragically died the very next morning.

Michael Messenger’s family can’t believe how quickly their world was turned upside-down, losing a son and a brother who had been so full of life in just a matter of days.

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The timeline of Messenger’s symptoms, evaluation and death has his mother Jessica Decent-Doll urging other parents not to wait if they see signs of flu.

“Don’t wait, it’s all I can say. This flu or whatever is going around this year is unbelievably dangerous,” she told the Times Herald.

Messenger vomited during dinner on Tuesday, Jan. 9, was taken to an urgent care Wednesday evening where he was cleared for flu and administered anti-nausea medication and was found unresponsive at home in bed Thursday morning.

An hour and a half later, he was declared dead at the hospital.

Decent-Doll said her son’s vital signs were deemed normal at the urgent care center and that the family was advised to give him fluids.

By 9:15 a.m. on Thursday, it was clear Messenger’s life was in grave danger.

“I ran upstairs, and I sat with him, and I tried to get him to respond to me, but there was no response, nothing,” Decent-Doll said. “It’s indescribable, it really is.”

The grieving mother said that her son had just gotten a flu shot in December and that he “never stopped, ever […] loved science” and “loved his family.”

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Kristen Ervinck started a GoFundMe campaign for the grieving family of her deceased nephew and left the following message:

Prayers for Mikey Hi, my name is Kristen Ervinck. I am blessed to say I have known Jessica Decent Doll for well over 20 some years. A lot of people dream of being blessed with just one good friend for more than a couple years. I’m blessed to have a few. Jessica is one of them. We’ve went from young reckless kids to grown women and dedicating our lives to our children. We’ve been thru everything possible together good and bad. We’ve raised our children together. Never ever ever did I expect to get the phone call I received the other day. I was informed on 1/11/2018 that my 12 year old nephew Michael had passed. What do you say ? What do you do? Jessica being the amazing woman she is was more worried how I was going to handle it, opposed to her son just passing. That is the heart of the family at hand. They are the most amazingly selfless people I’ve ever met. Mikey was so full of life and so energetic he lit up the room with his smile. Just like his mama. The family had taken him in for flu symptoms. He was sent home with anti nausea medication. And the next morning gone. How does one cope with that and plan a funeral for he son. We’re in our early 30’s planning for our kids future. Not a burial. If you’ve been blessed to meet this family you know they are one of a kind. Mikey will be missed by so many. To top it all off Jessica is off on medical leave. And Steve is home supporting his family thru this tragedy. For a family who’s there for everyone and would give the shirt off their back still in these situations. Deserve our help and support. We have an amazing support system. It’s time to come together for Jessica and the family. Please share if you can’t donate. Let’s come together. So much sadness and not one dollar can fix this!! But to help ease the families mind to grieve and be able to get thru this without stressing funeral costs. Thank you, Kristen

At the time of this writing, the GoFundMe has raised more than $12,000. At least 30 children have lost their lives to the flu this flu season.

Michael Messenger was laid to rest on Thursday, Jan. 18. His family is still waiting for the results of his autopsy.

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