A 19-year-old texted his mother after being in a crash crash — what he needed her to do for him is something else Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office

DELRAY BEACH, Fla. — A Florida teen texted his mother early Monday from the back of an ambulance: he had been in a wreck and needed her to grab the suitcase filled with marijuana and Xanax pills from his trunk, the police report said.

A Palm Beach County paramedic watched 19-year-old Nicholas Hipp type the text, the report indicated, so deputies searched the trunk.

They found nearly 150 alprazolam pills, more commonly known as Xanax and used to treat anxiety, about a gram of marijuana, a glass pipe and a scale in the trunk, sheriff’s records show.

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Hipp told deputies he buys medication on the street because he doesn’t agree with the pharmacy industry. He uses the scale to weigh the marijuana he buys and the baggies deputies found are to store pills, he said.

He first said he had to swerve while driving at about 4 a.m. Monday after a truck making a U-turn cut him off. He later admitted he may have fallen asleep.

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Hipp faces multiple drug-related charges. His mother appeared in court Tuesday, records show, when a judge ordered the teen not take non-prescription drugs or alcohol. He also is not allowed to have weapons. He is out of the Palm Beach County Jail on a $5,000 bond, records show.

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