A 21-year-old Indiana woman who was spotted wearing only high heels and black stockings in broad daylight at a strip mall in Pennsylvania as a 64-year-old man took pictures of her has been charged with indecent exposure.

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Monroeville police say Chelsea Guerra, of Indiana, was posing in front of businesses at Miracle Mile Shopping Center for 64-year-old Michael Warnock, of Pittsburgh.


Police say Warnock told them he hired Guerra after placing an ad for a nude model on Craigslist.


She was charged with indecent exposure. He was charged with criminal solicitation, criminal conspiracy, disorderly conduct and possession of controlled substances.

The comments locals made to KDKA about the incident were mixed.

“If that just happened now because we’re here, I would have approached her and told her she needs to put clothes on or take it somewhere else,” Kristy Champion told the station.

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“I think we probably would have had a good laugh about it. We laugh off most crazy things like that. You wouldn’t laugh about it?” Cheryl Dennis would add.

“I would have probably looked, though. I’m sorry I wasn’t here,” Ron Gancas said, apparently in a joking manner.

It happened at 11 a.m. at a “strip” mall because of course it did.


Both are out on bail.

As the Smoking Gun noted, Guerra lists her occupation on LinkedIn as a “greeter” at a Toyota dealership and, get this, is studying “Public Relations/Image Management” at Indiana University of Pennsylvania.

We can only surmise that image management may not be the path for her.

The Associated Press contributed this report.

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