A Christmas Eve surprise in this military family is going viral for all the right reasons


A video from a military family is going viral after it captured hearts on Twitter.

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In the video, which is only a minute long, a mother unwraps a present that turns out to be a full-length mirror. After a few moments of being puzzled and confused (who gifts a full-length mirror?!?) the mother notices her daughter, who has been away with the Navy, standing behind her.

She reacts just like all of us would probably react if we were to see one of our beloved relatives standing behind us on Christmas Eve; especially a relative who we thought was away with the armed forces.

The sailor uploaded the video to Twitter herself, writing “surprised my mom for Christmas, she looked in the mirror and saw her present.” The video has moved millions of people and has been viewed over 3.5 million times between Christmas Eve and the middle of the day on Christmas.

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This Christmas, there are almost 200,000 troops stationed around the world, per a Business Insider report. On Christmas Eve, President Trump spoke to some of the soldiers and Marines stationed overseas, wishing them a happy holiday. His call to the armed forces comes just days after Vice President Pence visited an air base in Afghanistan and wished the airmen a Merry Christmas.

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