A Colorado man who botched a transgender woman’s illegal testicle removal surgery is in deep trouble

Denver Police Department

A Denver man who isn’t a licensed medical professional in Colorado faces felony assault charges for using an Army surgical kit to remove a transgender woman’s testicles, a procedure that went really awry.

James Pennington, 57, faces felony assault charges and has confessed to performing the botched procedure, police say.

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Videos by Rare

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According to KUSA, Pennington used a “scalpel and surgically disconnected and removed the victim’s 2 testicles and then sutured the opening back up.”

This had awful consequences.

The story goes that Pennington agreed to perform the illicit procedure at his “patient’s” apartment and that the transgender woman’s wife was there for the 90-minute surgery.

The wife said that Pennington said to call 911 if something went wrong and something went very wrong.

After changing the dressing post-surgery, KUSA reported, “A large amount of blood poured out of the wound.”

Police detailed in their report that “the testicles could not be re-attached due to the time delay of a procedure to 911 call,” while doctors said “permanent disfigurement” is a likely risk.

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As mentioned, Pennington is not a licensed medical professional. Instead, he is a licensed pilot.

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