A Connecticut teen felt ill right after taking a pregnancy test — what doctors found out has her in shock Sara Mujica, AP
Sara Mujica, AP

Connecticut teen Sara Mujica, 17, visited her fiancé in Honduras back in March, and during that time she started to experience symptoms of the Zika virus.

She said that she took a pregnancy test, discovered that she was pregnant and started feeling really ill. After returning home, she went to the doctor and tested positive for Zika.

Mujica said she was shocked.

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“I was in a state of shock, honestly,” she said. “I didn’t really know what to say. I didn’t know what to do. I just started getting teary eyed and almost crying. I was just trying to stay strong.”

One of the more jarring birth defects Zika can cause is microcephaly, which literally means “small head.” Microcephaly prevents the brain from developing properly and leads to a host of complications.

Mujica is aware that microcephaly could be in play when her baby is born, but she says she will birth the child nonetheless.

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“This is my blessing. This is my miracle. I have a cousin who has Down syndrome, and he is so smart, and l love him so much. I would never give up a Down syndrome child or a child with birth defects,” she said. “I’m going to stay positive and hope my baby comes out normal.”

Mujica is Catholic.

She says it was a mosquito bite and not sexual activity that gave her the virus. It has been reported that Zika can, in fact, be transmitted sexually.

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