A dad who gagged his infant son with a sock, killed him and ditched the body in the woods is never getting out of prison

Springfield Police Department

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A 27-year-old man who gagged his 2-month-old son with a sock because he wouldn’t stop crying, killed him, put the body in a trash bag and ditched it in a wooded Florida area will spend the rest of his life behind bars with no eligibility for parole.

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Gene Anthony Quinones-Rivera has been given the maximum sentence for second-degree murder for the killing of his son Gediaelamir Rivera in June 2015.

“My son was crying, and I was angry with him for that,” Quinones-Rivera confessed to police. “That’s the only reason I was angry with my son.”

According to the News-Herald, Quinones-Rivera said he had punished his son before by gagging him and taping his arms to his sides.

This time, his son didn’t wake up.

“He never answered, so I put him in the bath with cold water,” he said. “I was scared; his mother was scared, too. So I put him in a trash bag and go to Mexico Beach.”

Quinones-Rivera, the Daily Mail reported, due to a religious conversion, confessed to his crime more than a year later, turning himself in to the police.

“I received Jesus in my life,” he said. “Jesus strengthened me for that. Right now I don’t have fear, but I know I needed to pay for that. I can’t lie no more. I need to be free.”

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Quinones-Rivera may be on the path to spiritual freedom, but he will never be free to rejoin society.

Parker Police Chief Dennes Hutto said that if Quinones-Rivera did not confess, it is likely that the disappearance of Gediaelamir Rivera would never be solved.

“I’m glad he did come forward,” he said. “If he hadn’t, no one would have ever known what happened to this infant.”

As part of the confession, Quinones-Rivera directed police to the wooded location where he disposed his son’s remains. Police later found partial remains.

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