WARNING: Disturbing video footage.

22-year-old Jazmine Torres could be in some trouble with the law after she was caught on video slamming a toddler to the ground at the Plano, Texas daycare where she was employed. According to the Daily Mail, Caitlin Gilmore was watching her son on a live feed during her lunch break when she saw him get slammed on a sleeping mat.

Immediately, she left to pick up her son while her co-workers filmed the stream on their phones. Gilmore took him to the hospital, where, thankfully, it was determined he was not injured.

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A coworker told the Daily Mail, “It was horrifying for her to watch. They took him to the ER immediately after the incident.” The video was posted on Facebook and has racked up nearly one million views. Police issued a warrant for Torres’ arrest after the video went viral and she is expected to be charged with felony child endangerment. A spokesperson for the daycare, “Children’s Courtyard,” told CBS Dallas, “Upon being made aware of the situation, we immediately notified the authorities and partnered with the state as well as conducted our own investigation. Those involved are no longer with us.”

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CBS Dallas also reported that the daycare — with a capacity of caring for 245 children — has racked up 28 violations in the past two years, noting that “eight of which are considered serious enough to harm a child.” A felony child endangerment charge carries a maximum penalty of two years in jail. Police reportedly intend to interview the other woman who can be seen in the video and who was also fired from Children’s Courtyard.

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