A family grieving over a stillbirth is demanding answers after an “unforgivable” mistake by the hospital Twitter/@fox8news

As if coming to grips with a stillbirth weren’t hard enough, Shadaria Whitfield, Antron Robinson and their extended family are looking for answers after the hospital lost their stillborn daughter’s remains.

Mercy Regional Medical Center in Lorain, Ohio, is currently trying to fix an unfixable situation.

According to WKYC, the problem came to light when a funeral director tried to get the stillborn child’s remains and was “given the runaround.”

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“They just told him, ‘You gotta come back, you gotta come back,'” Robinson said.

On Aug. 26, Whitfield got a call from the hospital. They told her the remains had been “disposed of.” Robinson went on to say that the hospital said it “believed [the remains were] sent to the laundry department, and they’re sending their investigative team over there to search the place.”

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Mercy Regional has since released a statement expressing “deep regret.”

But the apology isn’t enough for the child’s great grandmother, Pearlean Bohannon, who called the hospital’s conduct “unforgivable.”

“It’s unbelievable. It’s unforgivable. It’s like no one cared! How can you just lose a baby?” she told WOIO. “How can you lose anybody? It’s hard for all of us to understand. It’s hard for us to understand how can anyone misplace a baby? How can anyone misplace a dog? A dog runs away, and somebody bring them back, but a baby? It’s just a situation that we cannot understand.”

“My granddaughter called and said, ‘Grandma they lost my baby,'” she continued. “The funeral home was supposed to pick the baby up, but as far as she knows, they went three times to pick the baby up, they couldn’t find the baby. As of Monday, I believe they told her that maybe it was sent out through the laundry — washed up.”

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