This is a cautionary tale.

A Missouri father of four, Byron Holloman, took to Craigslist because he was in need of a reliable car and purchased a 2008 Chevrolet Impala for $5,500 in cash. He drove off in the car, had the title, got it registered and also got license plates. The next day, a detective knocked on his door with some bad news.

“The very next day, I registered the car, received my plates, and thought life was good,” Holloman told KTVI. “Until I received the detective coming to my home retrieving the car, telling me that it was stolen.”

Holloman told the police what happened and they still haven’t located the Craigslist seller. Holloman did speak to the original owner of the car.

“I spoke with the lady one time and after that she disappeared,” he said. “I spoke with her and let her know where she could find her vehicle, and I told her who had it and what happened to me.”

Holloman, as mentioned before, has four kids and is currently out of a job, so losing all of this money and the vehicle is a big deal for him.

“I’m out of a car. I’m out of schedules, promises I made to my children. And I’m out of a job right now, so I’m out of transportation to find another job,” he said.

Because of this experience, Holloman offered some advice to potential Craigslist buyers.

“Take your time. Try not to even buy off Craigslist,” he said. “If you can, meet in a police station. Take someone with you. Identify the person. Ask for IDs and get as much information as you can.’

A father of four shelled out $5,500 for a car on Craigslist — a day later, a detective knocked on his door
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