A fellow billionaire recently blasted President Trump and his understanding of America’s jobs situation

Mark Cuban appeared on Fox News on Valentine’s Day, but he wasn’t there to show any love to President Donald Trump.

Instead, the entrepreneur and Dallas Mavericks owner blasted the president’s lack of leadership, telling Fox News host Bill O’Reilly:

“I don’t think he’s been able to show any leadership. I don’t think he’s taken responsibility for the White House, and I don’t think he’s shown them any direction. And I think the result of that are the issues that you’ve mentioned. There’s a divergence in communications, the people that work for him seem to be fearful of having the mistakes pinned on them and that’s led to leaks, and just inconsistency coming out of the White House and that’s a huge problem.”

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O’Reilly interrupted to say those issues are not policy and that he’s never seen a president do more than Trump has in the first 26 days. He suggested his approach to his campaign promise to bring good manufacturing jobs back to America is a positive step.

Cuban provided a different take, saying:

“He hasn’t gotten to the point where he understands that the nature of work is changing. Technology is changing how people are hired, how the jobs are going to do. He’s shuffling deck chairs on the Titanic by going to talk to these companies and dealing with five and 10 and even 25,000 jobs at a time. There’s nothing wrong with trying to get more jobs, that’s a good thing, but in any given month, our economy gains and loses 5 million-plus jobs. He’s got to start dealing with the macro issues.”

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When O’Reilly asked whether it would be fair to give the president a year to see if his approach produced results, Cuban responded that Trump just doesn’t understand the times in which we live, that coming massive advances in technology are going to mean more workers will be replaced at factories such as at Ford, and people replaced by technology are going to need to find landing places.

“Sure, I have no problem with giving him time,” Cuban said. “But you have to look at the bigger picture. He hasn’t demonstrated he understands the bigger picture.”