A Florida man’s cheesy solution for smoking out a mail thief backfired in the most hilarious way possible

Photo source: Flickr Creative Commons/atlnav

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A 63-year-old Florida man who thought he’d had a revenge mail theft problem on his hands decided to try and catch the culprit by putting a mousetrap in his mailbox.

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Nicholas Dibble failed.

Facebook/Nick Dibble

Instead of jolting the neighbor he suspected was getting back at him for reporting criminal activity in the Bradenton neighborhood by stealing mail, Dibble caught the person who brings him mail.

According to The Smoking Gun, Dibble mentioned a “drug dealer across the street” and a woman next door who runs a “house of prostitution” as possible mail thieves and “had planned to make the mail carrier aware of the trap [he was about to set].”

Dibble never got that message through to his mail carrier, 37-year-old Cynthia Humphreys-Smith, who “came [by] a different route and [at a different] time” that day.

Dibble left the red flag on his mailbox up and Humphreys-Smith reached inside thinking he wanted something mailed.

Then the mousetrap slammed shut and really stung Humphreys-Smith, who had just gotten over a broken hand.

Luckily for Dibble, although the incident was reported to police, Humphreys-Smith did not want to file charges. But, somehow, the penalty is that mail will no longer be delivered to his residence, even though he has a disability.

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We’ll say one thing for Dibble, we appreciate his to-the-point summary of his failed trap: “Well, it caught the wrong person.”

(Photo source: Flickr Creative Commons/atlnav)

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