A Florida woman is facing child neglect charges after her 4-year-old child was found walking alone along a busy highway.

According to the Northwest Florida Daily News, Megan Elmore, 27, told Bay County Sheriff’s deputies she fell asleep in her home with her child after taking pills.

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A passerby found the child, helped the child get away from the side of the road and spent 20 minutes trying to get Elmore to answer the door of her home, before calling the police, according to an arrest report.

Instead of thanking the passerby, deputies said Elmore became angry the good Samaritan was in her yard.

The suspect was arrested and charged with child neglect. She made her first court appeared on Tuesday.

A Florida woman faces child neglect charges after her 4-year-old was found wandering alone down a highway Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images