A former cheerleader filmed overdosing in her car says it was the best thing to ever happen to her WITI/screenshot

A woman from Waukesha County, Wisconsin, says that the awful video of her dying in the driver’s seat of her car of a drug overdose has shamed her into turning her life around.

Katrina Henry, 26, a former high school cheerleader and University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee communications graduate who says she has “always had at least two jobs,” hit rock bottom on March 21 when she crashed into a car and was filmed as she was dying of a drug overdose in her car.

It is likely that she did cocaine laced with fentanyl, the latter drug being an opioid.

Although some might take issue with the graphic nature of the video that was filmed by Jon Adams and posted to Facebook, Henry herself says a month later that this video may have been the best thing to happen to her.

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“I’ve always been a ‘good kid,'” Henry told WITI. “I don’t drink. I like to paint. I like to draw. I work out. I was a cheerleader throughout high school. I had an internship. I did research with my professor and always had at least two jobs. I would have considered myself a very successful person.”

“I felt so alone. Worthless. Almost hopeless. I felt like I was never going to get help now. Like, who’s going to help me now? It broke my spirit,” she continued. “They took me to the hospital, handcuffed me to the bed. I died. I overdosed and died.”


Henry said that she didn’t even remember what happened, saying, “Everything was black.”

The woman said that a boyfriend first got her hooked on Percocet. Wanting to numb the pain of her past, and feelings of worthlessness led to her addiction.

Facebook/Jon Adams

She explained that arrests weren’t enough to turn her life around, but that this video was different.

“I’m getting messages from people saying they wish I would have died. I think it was very cruel,” Henry said. “As ashamed that I am that I hit that woman’s car, I’m also glad. No one would have found me. I would have died there. I don’t think I would have taken it as seriously. In a split second, your life can change.”

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“I was so embarrassed. I always told myself that I would never end up like that. Talking makes you feel so much better. It makes you feel like you’re not alone. I felt so alone, that I was the only one dealing with this problem, and that no one would understand,” she continued. “I don’t feel hopeless and worthless anymore, and I know I was brought back for a reason, and I’m going to live up to my full potential. I’m not going to be feeling like a loser, feeling down on myself, feeling like I don’t matter. I clearly do. I just had to have it taken away from me, or almost taken away from me, in order for me to feel like I am worth something. That maybe I am here for a reason.”


We are now a couple of days past Henry’s third official week in rehab.

Jon Adams, who recorded the video, told CBS 58 that he thought “[m]aybe somebody might need to see this .”

That somebody, first and foremost, was Henry.

“Some [sic] many people had a lot to say about me recording this young lady at her weakest but I think it saved her life please share please share please share everyone needs to know the whole story,” he wrote a week after the incident.

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