BUTTS COUNTY, Ga. – The GBI is investigating after someone found human bones in a suitcase on the side of a Georgia interstate.

A man was driving along I-75 when he stopped to look for something that he had lost on the side of the road. Instead, he found something startling.

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It didn’t take long for investigators to wrap crime scene tape around a gruesome discovery, what’s believed to be human bones in a suitcase.

“Really surprising to me. We’ve been here 12, 13 years now and we’ve never had anything like that happen here,” said Butts County resident Matthew Carnowski.

A driver who stopped to look for something he lost off of I-75 Southbound in Butts County near Jackson found the suitcase in these woods on Thursday afternoon.

The Butts County Sheriff’s office along with the Georgia Bureau of Investigation responded.

“We noticed there was a taped off area back in the woods, thought it was kind of strange,” said Josh Williams, the driver who made the discovery.

A Channel 2 Action News viewer sent us pictures from the scene.

So far, GBI is stopping short of calling it foul play, but people we spoke with have their suspicions.

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“Just being a skeleton it’s gotta be sitting around for a while. It sounds premeditated to me,” Carnowski said.

GBI did tell us it appears someone put the suitcase in the woods some time ago, not any time recently.

A strange mystery investigators will now begin trying to solve.

“It is a bit disturbing,” Williams said.

The GBI tested the bones and said the preliminary examination results were not conclusive. A forensic anthropologist will analyze them next.