A gunman opened fire from a building where the Las Vegas shooter once lived

FILE - This undated photo provided by Eric Paddock shows his brother, Las Vegas gunman Stephen Paddock. On Sunday, Oct. 1, 2017, Stephen Paddock opened fire on the Route 91 Harvest Festival killing dozens and wounding hundreds. Authorities trying to piece together the final days before Stephen Paddock unleashed his arsenal of powerful firearms on country music fans on the Las Vegas Strip have at least one potential trove of information: his gambling habits. Gaming regulators say they’re sorting through documents that can include suspicious transaction or currency reports. (Courtesy of Eric Paddock via AP)

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On Tuesday night, a gunman opened fire from the eighth floor of a downtown Reno, Nev., condo building that was once home to Stephen Paddock, the New York Daily News reported.

Paddock, the man behind the Las Vegas massacre on Oct. 1, killed 59 people, including himself, and injured hundreds more when he fired on a crowd of concertgoers from the 32nd floor. Records show that Paddock once owned a unit in The Montage condominium building, though he sold it in December of 2016. The Montage is where Tuesday night’s incident took place.

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Using a rifle, the man in Reno spent 20 minutes intermittently firing down at the street below. Fortunately, at the time of the shooting, Sierra Street was mostly deserted. No one was injured by the gunfire, Reno Deputy Police Chief Tom Robinson said, according to the Reno Gazette-Journal.

The shooter also barricaded himself and a female hostage inside an apartment. The hostage was not injured. Robinson said little is known about the shooter and the hostage. He described the suspect as being in his 20s, but it is unclear if he or his hostage were residents of the condo.

“She’s obviously traumatized and shaken up,” Robinson said.

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The shooter was taken into custody, but he died shortly after a SWAT team made their way to the eighth floor, evacuating as many residents as possible, and entered the unit. It’s not known whether the gunman was killed by officers, took his own life or died for some other reason, and Robinson said authorities have no motive for the shooting at this time.

Robinson told the Reno newspaper that he could not confirm exactly what kind of gun the suspect used but said it was a shoulder-fired rifle with 20 to 50 rounds of ammunition.

The man fired bursts of five to eight shots at a time, but the bursts were separated by several minutes.

“I was the most shook when I heard the gunshots,” said Vick Wowo, a resident at the condo building. “I don’t have a gun, don’t own a gun, never shot a gun, so hearing that four times was kind of nerve wracking.”

The condominium used its intercom system to alert residents of the situation; they were told to stay in their units or to stay away from the building.

“We’re not nearly as shook as we should’ve been,” Wowo said. “But I think we’re almost numb to it, even when it’s right in your damn building. … Back to business, you know. Just hanging out watching TV now.”

“When you heard it’s coming from above, it reminds you of the guy shooting from Mandalay Bay,” Mike Pavicich, who was in town from Las Vegas, told the Gazette-Journal.

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Pavicich was standing in a parking garage at the neighboring Eldorado Resort Casino when Paddock unleashed his terror.

“It’s scary, you know?” Pavicich told the newspaper. “This is the same kind of town.”

Robinson said officers suspect that mental issues might have played a part in the shooting, as radio communications during the incident suggested that the suspect may have been seeing things, the Gazette-Journal reported.

“It’s too soon to know for sure,” Robinson said. “Maybe it’s a little bit of everything.”

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