Stephen Tucker isn’t your typical hunter, at least not since last Tuesday when he shot the world-record 47 point white tail in Tennessee with a muzzleloader. The images of the rack quickly went viral, and Tucker became a minor internet celebrity. But now he has a new reason to be excited. OutdoorHub talked to a Utah based antler-buyer who said that the rack could be worth over $100,000. Here’s Tucker talking about this kill.

Tucker won’t know if his deer breaks the world-record until it dries out (the drying period is typically 60 days). The current world-record was set in 2003 when an Iowa man brought down a 38-point buck. If Tucker’s deer measures larger after drying out, he could see his payday increase even more. OutdoorHub stated that the antlers are currently in a bank until they are ready for the official measurement.

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According to the Tennessean, Tucker had been stalking the deer for a couple days. He initially saw it on Saturday, but his gun misfired and he didn’t bring the animal down until Monday morning. Tucker has said that he doesn’t know what he will do with the antlers after they’re officially measured, but 100 grand probably buys a muzzleloader that doesn’t misfire.

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